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10 at-home pet grooming tips

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

1. Get your puppy used to washing, blow drying, and brushing at an early age every month or two depending on how dirty they get.

2. Play with their paws and ears as much as possible during cuddle time.

3. Plan for 3-4 hours for a full body groom.

4. Find a safe environment for them to experience their first few baths. If you can groom outside it helps with clean up. Tether your dog so they can't escape. (Once Maui got used to grooming we don't even have to tie her up. She loves to get pretty!) Play some music to make it enjoyable.

5. Offer lots of treats and praises during grooming. You can even slap some peanut butter in a prime spot for an extended licking treat to keep them occupied.

6. Brush them daily if you can or at least once week.

7. Keep the mats and tangles at bay. Buy a couple different combs and brushes. Each will work best for different situations. Here are my favorites.

8. Clean the ears out with a drying aide to prevent infection.

9. My favorite shampoo and conditioner is Cowboy Magic.

10. Tell your dog how pretty or handsome they look! Praise, praise, praise!

These are my favorite grooming tools:

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