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Pregnancy is confirmed!

Oh happy day! I just knew she was pregnant, but it was so good to see the ultrasound confirm it yesterday! Sorry for the bad ultrasound picture, but we weren't allowed to go into the vet office with her due to stupid Covid19. The vet was nice enough to snap a picture with his Ipad and then bring it to shows us.

With all of the negativity and uncertainty in the world right now I need this positive in my life! Our family is overjoyed and looking forward to preparing for the puppies arrival. It is giving us something to anticipate and keep our minds busy planning for. I am trying to involve my 10 and 6 year old in the business planing as much as possible. It is a great learning experience for them. When these puppies arrive it will be a great responsibility lesson as well.

Maui is now 30 days pregnant. About half way through! Crazy that dogs can make this all happen in 63 days! What a miracle life is. I have noticed Maui's nipples staying enlarged and even growing a bit more. She seems a bit more tired...lots of summer naps! Her gums are noticeably paler. I took of picture of them now, but wished I would have taken a picture before she was bred to compare it to. Her appetite is still the same and she loves are daily walks. Just this week I seemed to think she had a bit more waddle in her mid section.

We will go back in for an x-ray around 55 days....July 15th. That will give us an estimated puppy count. So for now we just spoil Maui rotten!

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