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How many puppies do you see?

Maui went to get her puppy count x-ray on July 15 at Day 55. Our family and friends had been sending in their puppy count guess and so far the vet confirmed my guess of 8 was right! I am so relieved to be anticipating what I think is a perfect litter size for a first time mama. When we got home and put the x-ray on the big screen my husband and I agreed that we saw 9 skulls. Hmm? May there be a surprise number 9 hiding in there? Only time will tell. I started her temperature checks on Day 56 (101.4) and Day 57 (101.1) and Day 58 (100.2). Are we seeing the drop begin? I hope not. My husband and son just left for a quick trip to the ranch. The vet seemed to think Maui would deliver these puppies Monday-Wednesday. Her due date is Thursday July 23rd for the 63 day count. We are getting close folks!

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