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Aloha Bernedoodles of Austin

Raising and loving on puppies in Austin, TX


About Aloha Bernedoodles

We are a family of four located in Austin, TX that own and raise Bernedoodles. We received Maui from The North Pole on Christmas morning 2018 and have absolutely fallen in love with the breed. We recently decided we wanted to spread the joy and love that bernedoodles bring to other families! 

Maui is an intelligent dog who was easy to train at a young age. She loves kids, all animals, and makes friends with basically any human who will give her the time of day. At a young age she took on the role of a therapy dog to our two children. She is loyal, playful, and goofy. When indoors she is calm and cuddly. When outside she is energetic and ready to play or go on long walks.

Maui (our female) has been cleared for 170+ genetic diseases through DNA testing (as well as her boyfriend).  Testing also tells us they will have allergy friendly coats that will be "no/minimal" shedding! 👍


Maui and Beasley have had 3 amazing litters together. We are excited to use a new stud ,Lincoln, in our next litter. They will arrive around November 14, 2022. 1st-6th picks are taken, but we will accept more deposits for this litter and roll them into our next litter if needed. 



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Austin, TX


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